Vegan Sweet Potato Rolls.

sweet potato rolls

Super versatile and delicious. You can use pumpkin puree, butternut puree or mashed potatoes(thin them slightly with vegetable milk to a pumpkin puree consistency). For sweeter rolls, omit the herbs and add some coconut sugar/sweetener. These are lightly herbed and lightly savory just like regular dinner rolls.

These Super Soft dinner rolls are a dreams are made of. There is a magic moisture action going on here. Yeast rising slowly, the sweet potato? All of these together allow for amazing moisture retention in the bread.

-3/4 cup (177.44 ml) veg milk (warmed to just about warm to touch)
-2 tsp active yeast
-3/4 cup (210 g) sweet potato puree (canned or boiled, steamed sweet potato that has been mashed/pureed well)
-2 tbsp oil (optional), see tips section for no oil
-3 cups (375 g) of flour (divided – I use a mix of all purpose flour and whole wheat 2:1, all purpose and all whole wheat will work as well or gluten-free)
-3/4 to 1 tsp salt
-1 to 2 tbsp dried herbs (thyme, rosemary, chives or a combination, or 2 tbsp fresh herbs)
-Oil (or vegan butter for brushing)

-Mix the yeast and warmed veggie milk and let sit for 5 mins
-Add the sweet potato puree and 1/2 cup of flour and mix in, whisk until no lumps. Cover and let sit for at least 30 mins.
-Add oil, 2 cups of flour, salt and herbs. Lightly mix the salt and herbs into the flour before mixing into the wet. (Start with 1.5 cups if your sweet potato puree/mash is less moist or if using more whole grain flours)
-Add flour 1/4 cup at a time and make a lightly sticky dough. If you you work it too much with your hands it will get stickier. You just want a cohesive lightly sticky state.
-Cover and let rise until doubled in size, 45 mins or longer. (You can shape the dough into rolls after 15 mins of rising and freeze them to bake later.
-To bake, let the frozen rolls thaw and rise in a warm oven (about 3 hours). Bake once they have risen to about double)
-Divide the dough into 8 or 10 equal parts. shape into rolls, by rolling between your hands and pulling on the sides.
-Place in a greased/parchment lined stoneware pan or cast iron skillet.
-Brush the tops with oil, then let rise for 20-25 mins until almost doubled. Meanwhile preheat the oven to 385 degrees F (200 C).
-Bake at 385 deg F for 21-22 min. Remove from the oven and Brush with vegan butter or oil and serve. (You can also freeze baked rolls. Cool completely, wrap in foil and freeze)

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