My temple!

my body

My body, my temple, my means of expression. Since I was a child I have always felt an immense curiosity about it; many times I felt ashamed, others I really came to feel different from others… Why do you always want to know every part of me in its greatest expression?
As time went by, I adapted to many situations; social mostly but I never felt completely satisfied… I couldn’t understand why nudity and sexuality was offensive and taboo.

I was never the type of person to follow the rules about it, hahahaha preferred to be me, always. My nudity has always been something that I have defended, the freedom that gives me to feel naked I can never describe with words; it is power, it is freedom, it is magic to feel alone with my skin. It is love without condition.

although it is true that I have always taken care of myself, my body has changed in each stage of my life… thin, muscular, not so thin, not so muscular. but now, my present self is the stage with which I feel most identified. I am no longer a child, I am no longer afraid to express myself and feel free to be

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