I'm Luisana Leon, masquemusculos, a girl like you

With fears, doubts and dreams, I am moved by love and the desire to learn, to discover, to know. I don’t intend to convince you, I don’t want to change you! I want to motivate you to find what you want to find. Because I am convinced that everything we are looking for is in ourselves and only by accepting and loving ourselves can we truly honor who we are. Let me be a part of your process and be a part of me.

When I understood that my health was my best investment, I understood that my body was a priority, I wasn’t always a vegan, but I was always in good shape. When I became vegan, my first concern was how to maintain my muscle mass, which generated in me a curiosity that still opens before me a range of possibilities and incredible knowledge, let me share it with you here.


Parte de mi secreto...

Identificar lo que te gusta y convertirlo en tu pasión, entender que eres tu prioridad y aceptar tu proceso como algo único y maravilloso hará de tu vida una experiencia única.