I'm Luisana Leon, masquemusculos, a girl like you

With fears, doubts and dreams, I am moved by love and the desire to learn, to discover, to know. I don’t intend to convince you, I don’t want to change you! I want to motivate you to find what you want to find. Because I am convinced that everything we are looking for is in ourselves and only by accepting and loving ourselves can we truly honor who we are. Let me be a part of your process and be a part of me.

When I understood that my health was my best investment, I understood that my body was a priority, I wasn’t always a vegan, but I was always in good shape. When I became vegan, my first concern was how to maintain my muscle mass, which generated in me a curiosity that still opens before me a range of possibilities and incredible knowledge, let me share it with you here.


Part of my secret...

Identifying what you like and turning it into your passion, understanding that you are your priority and accepting your process as something unique and wonderful will make your life a unique experience.