Custom Plans for Muscle building, Fat reduction, Maintenance, Cardiovascular Resistance

Why do I want to be your personal trainer?

I usually get frustrated when I see people start off full of enthusiasm for a training plan, because they want to improve their appearance or simply strengthen their health; but as time goes by they become unmotivated or abandon it because of basically lack of motivation, boredom or because they don’t see results. According to my experience and that of many other experts, our bodies as well as our needs are different and before starting a training or nutrition plan we must understand that and start from there.
I am excited to offer you a plan that works efficiently for you alone, I will motivate you, guide you and train with you every day; I will not only be your personal trainer I will be your training partner.
we can do it face-to-face if you’re near me or online? how? by connecting us on the days of your workout on video calls! there are no excuses. the place is your choice, the schedule is yours and the workout and the fun is guaranteed. if you’re motivated, you have fun and that moment makes you happy you end up feeling good about yourself and there’s no chance of failure? shall we try?

Although it is true that food and basic factors such as rest and hydration constitute a large part of the path to follow, a good training plan and an efficient exercise routine will be the key to completing the whole process.

How do we achieve this? it is necessary to accept that we are different, metabolisms, needs, routines, and mental programming are different? you cannot expect that what works for another person will also work for you.

I take care of that, to create an ideal and efficient training plan; adjusted to your needs, an entertainment plan designed just for you.