Knowing and exploring ourselves to feel able to express ourselves sexually

Recent studies show that sex toys are used daily by individuals or couples approximately 70% of the time. Thus becoming part of the sexual routine of many couples today, who claim to incorporate the toys to improve them, and it is true that this type of instrument guarantees more fun relationships or encounters.

I believe that the better we know ourselves, the better quality of pleasure we will get and give away in shared sex. it is necessary to learn and recognize in the other the right keys to press, the exact time, the intensity and the way to do it. toys are wonderful teachers to help us know and exploit

recently someone told me that when you know the right person you don’t need toys? and that made me think why I used toys, or why I started using them. the truth in my case was just curiosity, with time I was exploring and researching more and more about the diversity that existed, which is now wider in fact.

I don’t really share that person’s point of view, but I respect it. I don’t think anyone has or should have the responsibility to be perfect for me, let alone know me exactly or better than I know myself. they are just a tool to explore our sexuality individually or as a couple; it’s not about having the perfect partner or not, it’s about knowing ourselves and feeling capable of expressing ourselves sexually without taboos, complexes or prejudices? sex toys are a tool that help us to know our bodies and to acquire some security.

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