The transition from a normal diet to a vegan diet is not easy, but neither is it as dramatic and impossible as some people believe. Will power and determination are essential to start this lifestyle, as we will have to make major changes in our diet as in many other occasions in other aspects of our lives. There is no specific way to make the change to a vegan diet, as there are several factors that can influence it; but the most important thing is to know why you want to be a vegan.

The main goal is to have a 100% vegetable diet without meat or animal products, including eggs, dairy products and honey; it is not mandatory, adapt this lifestyle to what you want. To achieve this efficiently, you should eliminate some foods as you try to incorporate others. This not only implies a change in diet, but also in habits, flavors, recipes and attitude.

Veganism proposes a food free of all animal products … Fish, dairy products, eggs… These types of foods are so ingrained in our diet that eliminating them all at once can be a bit dramatic for some. Perhaps eliminating meat is easier if one of the reasons we decide to be vegan is because we don’t like its taste very much or because our conscience identifies it first as a living being. However, eliminating eggs and dairy is one of the slowest steps, as they are usually part of most meals these days.

Leaving dairy products intermittently in your diet will make it increasingly difficult to stop eating them because you will get used to combining them with the absence of meat and fish. That’s why, when it comes to being vegan, it’s best to opt for regularity rather than food selection – that is, reducing to the point of completely replacing those foods with vegan options.

However, many consider vegan food to be boring, tasteless, and insipid. However, there are a wide variety of recipes with which we can maintain a rich and tasty vegan diet. From Hindu, Arabic, Asian, and Mediterranean cuisine, all offer a wide variety of foods with 100 vegetables. Your best ally will be the specific ones, they can provide a wide range of aromas and flavors.