Do you want to remove or oxidize visceral fat?

Achieving this is the result of a balance, a balance between your hormones, your mood, your training and your diet… none of this will work in isolation, it is a team and as a team you need everyone to play in the right position and in the most efficient way.

  1. HOMEOSTASIS. your first objective should be in all cases to promote your health, achieve a balance and metabolic flexibility will ensure you achieve the goal
  2. INCREASE MUSCLE MASS, muscles is synonymous with efficient metabolism; and this means that the calories you consume will be efficiently used by your body
  3. BALANCE IN YOUR DAILY MACRONUTIENTS AND MICRONUTRIENTS INTAKE. this is nothing more than a physiological coherence when designing your food plan.
  4. INTERMITTENT FASTING WILL BE YOUR BEST PARTNER, read it, study it and choose the version that best suits you
  5. MOVE. you need to create muscle, you need to give your body the pleasure of working out, choose the activity that stimulates you the most, that you enjoy the most and do it. Dance, bike, jog, walk, trx… whatever you want, but move.
  6. REST AND SLEEP. remember that you need to really rest, our body performs many important functions while we sleep.
  7. ADEQUATE INTESTINAL ENVIRONMENT. the stomach is considered our 2 brain, are you aware of the importance of correct digestion and that all intestinal functions are performed healthily?

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