For me sex always meant peace

For me sex always meant peace, although euphoria and desire are always the protagonist, the feeling of peace within me has always been one of my favorite sensations… but the truth is that not everyone can feel free or doesn’t know how to do it. Most people are used to experiencing sex as just contact and pleasure with restrictions and conditions.

Sexual health really is robust. it filters into physical health, emotional health, and mental health and sometimes we put it on the backburner not realizing it’s part of our complete wellness.

They have forced us to see a lot as taboo or not normal, when it comes to sex. the truth is that I always felt unconvinced by what I could read and hear from my elders as I grew up and understood my body more. And sex in my life began with myself, with discovering the pleasure within me, in me. how my skin accepted my own caresses without fear of being judged. how my mind calmed down every time that feeling of security and peace invaded every corner of me.

I want to show you my way of understanding pleasure and enjoying sex beyond conditioning, let me show you a new way of pleasure.

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