Vegan Resses .

It is no secret that chocolate is for many one of the greatest temptations when it comes to going vegan hahahaha. here is a wonderfully delicious recipe, easy and quick

When should eat high glycemic carbohydrates?

When should I eat high glycemic carbohydrates?everything will depend on your training system, on your metabolic environment … all bodies are different, so every case is special. whether you train every day, as if you don't usually train. whether you have a high body mass or a low one… in...

Golden Milk With Coconut Milk (VEGAN)

Golden Milk With Coconut Milk (VEGAN)you can even order golden milk made with an assortment of different milks: almond milk, cashew milk, oat milk, and coconut milk. BUT THE FRUITINESS OF THE COCONUT MILK BRIGHTENS UP THE EARTHY TASTE OF TURMERIC

Rustic crostata (berry and peach) Vegan

This delicious, easy crostata oh, and much healthier than a normal one you will also love, you can change the fruit and have a different version, you can include nuts, oats, vegan chocolate or whatever you want... hahahah dare and try it

Garlic & Herb Vegan Cheese.

This recipe is simple, fewer ingredients than you might think! And the method is easy as well: Soak cashews, blend with seasonings to flavor, wrap in cheesecloth to absorb liquid, and chill. that’s it!

Supplements that promote fat oxidation

Supplements that promote fat oxidation.Supplements that promote fat oxidation. Not always what we are used to is the right thing. When we talk about fat oxidation we are talking about a state in which our body must be in order to use the stairs as a source of energy. this...

Chickpea Flat Bread.

Chickpea Flat Bread. delicious, gluten-free & vegan. Need I say more? I mean, really? With so many wonderful things all packaged up into one, it might seem almost too good to be true. the recipe that could literally help you simplify your life, be healthier, all the while impressing your...