Our skin is our largest organ, Why not take care of it with the best?

Our skin is our largest organ, it protects us from everything we see and also from what we don’t see; Why not take care of it with the best? I recently started trying https://javask.refersion.com/c/85a36c JAVA Hand and Body Wash; I have always preferred liquid soaps .
Why did I choose this brand? My first reason is that it is an organic and cruelty free brand. If it’s based on love, what can go wrong?

Another reason is that among its ingredients is aloe and coffee (my grandmother always says that they are the best of nature). Now I must confess that what surprised me the most is that I was able to use it as a shampoo! that’s a big plus. I was curious because within its ingredients there is also argan and almond oil; Well I was really surprised it works!

I still don’t taste it like bubbles in my tub … I hope to find the right moment to enjoy it without haste.

unlike other soaps it doesn’t make as much foam on my body, I love that , it’s more like a shower oil; I feel my skin super hydrated and soft, I have used it on my face and I really like it a lot. its smell is very subtle i can feel the almond and sometimes i think the coffee.

If you want to try it in my bio you have the direct link to the online store … through it you receive a special discount … I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


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