Intimate Lubricant With CBD?


I’ve been dying to write this review, I’ve been trying the  GoLove CBD NATURALS Intimate Lubricant and I must confess I’ve fallen in love!

First of all, the first thing to consider is that this type of product, that is to say, the lubricants that have CBD in their ingredients, are not going to dope you when you use them, nor generate dependency and that their use is of great help in the intimate encounter.

This specific can be used by any woman, regardless of their sexual stage, or if you suffer from menopause, vaginal dryness or someone with an active sex life … the only important thing is that you want to increase the pleasure. 

You only need to apply it to your genital area, preferably before sexual contact, at least 20-30 minutes before the active ingredients start to take effect; you can ask your partner to help you with a massage as part of the seduction game. 

If you wonder about its effects, and I know you do hahahaha, I will tell you that this lubricant will help you to progressively stimulate your sense of touch, your sensitivity will be much more intense. In addition it tends to relax the genital area and increases blood flow, all these elements combined allow you to achieve longer and more intense orgasms, thus improving the sexual encounter. Isn’t it pure magic? 

I must confess that I was very curious the first time. I had already done my previous research and wanted to check the effects of CBD in this way. I do not know if we all experience the same intensity, but I assure you that your sensitivity will increase. I have been able to verify that the effect is intensified if I give it time to act on me, that is to say, if I place it at least 20 minutes before my sexual act. That is the time in which I have been able to verify that its effect is greater in my body, remember that all the bodies are different… try it and tell me what you think.

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