Girls also love to masturbate

girls also love masturbate

Yes! Girls like to masturbate too. Although for many the subject is still a huge monster in the closet; the truth is that we are just as restless (maybe more lol ) and curious as boys. I think our pleasure should not be a source of embarrassment, recently a gift and at first I underestimated its effectiveness because, according to me, it was a bit rigid … but the truth has surprised me. You girls should try this! I’m talking about Touch by We-Vibe. It’s super discreet if you still need to hide it. You can wear it for about 2 hours and it’s waterproof! You can take it to the shower. And it comes in beautiful colors.

maybe you are an expert with toys or maybe you haven’t tried one yet. it doesn’t matter, this is a perfect way to initiate and discover the world of self pleasure. it is a very discreet toy for external use, designed to stimulate your clitoris. you don’t need to do anything but position it over your clitoris and choose the intensity of vibration. you will see the stars hahahaah. i love it

Just like orgasms, female pleasure comes in a huge range: caresses, sounds, tastes, smells, textures, vibrations, temperatures, images… there are many options, as there are many possibilities you have to experience and know yourself sexually. Don’t hesitate to explore them and learn from them.

our pleasure has always been conditioned by the culture in which we grow up, unlike men, women usually hide what they want or feel, so much so that there are studies that show that there are women who have never experienced an orgasm; reading that and investigating it left me perplexed. HOW IS IT POSSIBLE? Something so basic and wonderful. All women should feel at least one orgasm every day.

I am not an expert on the subject, but I have spent a lot of time getting to know myself and studying. my sexuality has become my ticket to feeling free, beautiful, powerful and capable. being able to satisfy myself without complexes or fears has allowed me to know myself more and more.

today i can say that masturbating is one of my favorite things, that it is one of my therapies to relax and connect with myself. masturbating is for me a moment to demonstrate love like no one else ever will. full connection with my divinity.

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