Know your body… draw your own boundaries, enjoy yourself, live yourself and want you to be yours.

Curiosity about my body is something that I think was born with me; since I was a child, even without understanding why, and scared to do things that perhaps other people did not understand, I felt this attraction to know about every part of me, because of the sensations and emotions that certain things made me feel. curiosity about my forms, humidity and always sensitive parts.

I had a normal adolescence. surrounded by love and acceptance, but I didn’t talk about those things with anyone, I felt ashamed and in a way I felt different. but I never stopped expressing myself… I always defended my way something free from existing

Masturbating wasn’t part of my routine because I didn’t know I could do that ( I’m sorry I didn’t discover it sooner hahahah) I heard others talking about it, but even my curiosity didn’t open that door… I was focused on other things… maybe for some it sounds a little strange but my first orgasms were given to me by reading. Yes, reading… I am one of those who read and can use the book as a door to another dimension. It is magic… in those moments I did not know that what I was feeling was an orgasm. I did not understand why my hands were sweating, why my heart was jumping like that, why my throat was drying up and my nipples wanted to explode. My body literally trembled and many times I ended up crying with pleasure.

But it was until long after those beautiful episodes, that my body just needed more, I felt the urge to put my hand down and just caress myself; somehow I resisted going any further, I had no idea that I could have an orgasm without being penetrated and discovering it was a new world for me!

literary orgasms

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