Vegan Sweet Potato Rolls.

Super versatile and delicious. You can use pumpkin puree, butternut puree or mashed potatoes(thin them slightly with vegetable milk to a pumpkin puree consistency). For sweeter rolls, omit the herbs and add some coconut sugar/sweetener. These are lightly herbed and lightly savory just like regular dinner rolls. These Super Soft...

Arepas of seeds, Sprouts and Oats.

Arepas have become a diverse and very international dish lately. There is an incredible variety, you can find arepas in most countries and in very hot versions or in very healthy versions… in the end the decision is yours.

Vegan banana bundt cake

Vegan banana bundt cake. You could bake this in a loaf tin for a classic banana bread recipe, but the bundt shape and date caramel drizzle really takes this to the next level; between banana bread and a cake that looks beautiful enough to serve at a party, this vegan...

Kale and Rosemary Super Seed Crackers

Delicious crackers... Nutritious and easy to store. You can freeze them or simply store them in glass containers and have them ready to eat... you don't need to go to the supermarket for them, they will be at your fingertips, right in your kitchen

chickpea nutella protein

it is very easy to prepare snacks at home, hummus is one of my favorites, you can do it with everything you can think of, here I leave you a delicious and very bold option! you will love it if you are a chocolate lover