Arepas of seeds, Sprouts and Oats.


Arepas have become a diverse and very international dish lately. There is an incredible variety, you can find arepas in most countries and in very hot versions or in very healthy versions… in the end the decision is yours.

This time I brought you a very healthy, nutritious and easy to prepare option… you can substitute ingredients or add more if you wish. as I always tell you, let your creativity and instinct guide you.
The original recipe for the arepas is basically corn flour, salt and water. Some recipes include fat, sugar… but basically it’s a kind of roast bread made from cornmeal .

for this recipe you just need:
cornstarch, or whatever flour you wish to use.
sunflower seeds.
chia seeds
linseed or ground flax
sprouted lentils
whole grain oats, gluten free
olive oil

the amounts will depend on the type of flour you use. the basic rule is to mix all the ingredients except water and add water to the mixture little by little until you get a mixture that is easy to shape with your hands, but hydrated enough not to break

Once you have your mixture ready, take a portion of dough and form circles or balls with your hands then go flatten and round the edges with your own hands, to form your arepas; I usually do it with my hands … but it’s true that there are many ways to make them.

To cook them, you only need a pan… greased and over medium low heat. you place and roast them on both sides for about 5-8 minutes, depending on their thickness.

Once they are ready, I recommend you to eat them warm. Put vegan butter on them or stuff them with vegan cheese, salad, avocado, whatever you want… there are too many options; ENJOY THEM.

You can let them cool and freeze them and you will have arepas ready, you just have to heat them and you will have a delicious and nutritious meal ready.

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