Healthy Meal Plan

Te enseño nuevos hábitos alimenticios; No es un simple plan o dieta, es una forma práctica de adquirir nuevos hábitos que puede mantener en su rutina diaria y adquirir a través de ellos un estilo de vida más saludable y enérgico.

We have been raised or rather indoctrinated under very basic criteria of nutrition, many people think they eat correctly, just by eating some salad a day or replacing normal foods with their low calorie versions, but the reality is different.

my idea is to show you options, and to be your own lab, your own trial and error… I want to help you find a way that works totally and is adapted to your lifestyle. We are different by nature; we cannot expect one option to work for everyone with the same efficiency.

There are many silenced studies, many silent scientists, just to discover the real and healthy way to stay healthy; one of them, one of my favorite “The Study of China” by T. Colin Campbell. a book that we should all read, forceful and real. from where I take the courage to extract the following:
Four decades of biomedical research and the findings of laboratory programs implemented over many years demonstrate with surprising results that proper nutrition can save your life,” writes Campbell and continues:

Change in diet can get diabetic patients off their medication. Coronary heart disease can be reversed by simple changes in diet. Breast cancer is related to the levels of female hormones in the blood, determined by the food you eat.

Eating dairy products may increase the risk of prostate cancer. Antioxidants in fruits and vegetables promote better mental performance in old age. Kidney stones can be prevented by eating a healthy diet. Type 1 diabetes, one of the most devastating diseases a child can suffer, is linked to childhood eating habits.

the solution is in our hands and I want to be part of that change, I want to be part of your process.



  1. Aymara

    Ayuda! Super interested in your help with a vegan meal plan to build muscles.

    1. masquemusculos

      yes, I’ll be happy to help you achieve your goals

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