When should eat high glycemic carbohydrates?

When should I eat high glycemic carbohydrates?

When should I eat high glycemic carbohydrates? (white rice, potato, regular oats, white pasta, non-wholemeal flours.

There is something important you should know, high glycemic index carbohydrates above a certain amount generate a high glycemic load and consequently a high insulinemic index, which will generate a high impact on the amount of insulin that your pancreas will secrete. So, are they harmful? Are they going to make you fat?

That depends on the timing and amounts you consume… if you are an athlete or a person who trains efficiently, and you exhaust your body’s glycogen reserves and you also need to manufacture muscle proteins, you can introduce them in the hours following or after your training; firstly, to replenish your glycogen and secondly to favour the insulin response, so important and beneficial to transport all the amino acids inside your muscle fibres, to replenish and manufacture the muscle fibres you need to reach your next training and thus be more and more efficient sportively

Beyond this case, high glycemic carbohydrates should not be part of your daily diet, unless you are a person with a high percentage of muscle mass, a high basal metabolic rate and spend a lot of energy throughout the day, or you simply have a high degree of metabolic flexibility and can burn these foods easily even if you did not train that day. In the opposite case, if you eat a lot of high glycemic foods and don’t train, or if your metabolic flexibility is not the best, you will usually end up causing so much response from your insulin pancreas that in the long run it is very normal to end up with insulin resistance and this in the long run will end up causing you metabolic problems.

If we talk about foods with an average glycemic index, (whole grains, pseudo grains, legumes …) then I would recommend including these in the hours prior to training, so that the blood sugar needed to cope with your training will be available, but without having promoted high levels of insulin that can make you feel sleepy. remember to consume these between 2:30 or 3 hours prior to your physical activity to give the body time to make the corresponding digestion.

everything will depend on your training system, on your metabolic environment …
all bodies are different, so every case is special. whether you train every day, as if you don’t usually train. whether you have a high body mass or a low one… in all cases we must adapt our diet if we want to achieve any goal.
it is not about dieting, it is about finding the right ways to feed ourselves according to what we want to achieve.

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