Vegan Resses .

vegan resses

It is no secret that chocolate is for many one of the greatest temptations when it comes to going vegan hahahaha. here is a wonderfully delicious recipe, easy and quick

it is important that you use a good organic dark chocolate and a good peanut butter. remember that even if it is a type of dessert it is a wonderful option to increase your energy.

1 part dark vegan chocolate (granulated or tablet)
1/2 part coconut oil
I mean if you use a cup of dark chocolate you’ll use half a cup of coconut oil.
moulds. You can use a large one if you prefer.

1 part peanut butter
1/2 part walnut or oatmeal
the procedure is on the video.

. It’s so easy that you won’t believe it, you just have to mix your nut butter and your oatmeal or walnut flour… put everything together very well, and reserve. . .

Next, melt the chocolate in a bain-marie or on a very low heat, remove from the heat and add the coconut oil.

. Take your mold and place a small layer of chocolate, and take it to your refrigerator, once it is solid add a layer of the nut butter mixture and another layer of chocolate to cover everything and return the mold to your refrigerator, until all the chocolate is solid, I recommend leaving it at least 30 minutes so that everything is very compact.

It is important to remember that this dessert must be kept refrigerated, the change of temperature will affect it very quickly and it melts easily. I love it when it stops in my mouth… mmmmm enjoy it.

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