Modifications that we can make so that the Glycemic Index of foods favors us

modifications that we can make so that the glycemic index of food favors us
  1. Consuming healthy fats 10-15 minutes before (coconut, olive oil, nuts, olives) the carbohydrates will allow the speed of absorption and the impact it will have on blood sugar and glycemic index, will be much lower.
  2. Consumption of whole-grain food choices (whole-grain breads, whole-grain pastas, biscuits, flours, oatmeal) have a lower glycemic load and therefore less impact on the glycemic index
  3. Cook the pasta al dente, its glycemic index will be lower.
  4. Eating the protein or fruit (because of the amount of fiber they have) before the carbohydrates, will also make the glycemic index lower
  5. Cook the carbohydrate (rice) and let it cool down completely or reserve it for 24 hours in the refrigerator before consumption.
  6. Choose longer or longer grains of rice or parboiled rice … your impact on insulin will also be less.

Many circumstances influence this process, THAT’S WHY IT IS IMPORTANT that you know the right ways to prepare your diet; take into account your health, your metabolic flexibility, the quality of your intestinal flora, your caloric expenditure, the combinations you usually make when choosing your food and the way you cook it.
All of this influences how efficient your diet or training plan is.

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